COVID-19 Update

 Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic situation, all social distancing and group limitations have been extended through May 4th. All meetings and events for Post and Auxiliary have been postponed until further notice. The canteen is closed. All officers will remain in their positions until elections can be held. Please check on your neighbors and comrades that may need assistance. We hope all of you are staying healthy and safe. We will keep everybody informed as information comes in.

Perry Taylor, Commander, Whitehead - Muzzall Post 7392 

During the shutdown, if people still need services, contact the following people (if someone doesn’t answer please leave a message):

  • Canteen issues: Megan Collins/Kevin Collins 360-720-6943/360-672-5338
  • Post Access: Perry Taylor/Mark Johnson 360-969-2467/360-440-3333
  • Service Officer: Chuck Bond 360-720-4401
  • Chaplain: Wes Wilson 360-675-6423